I have written extensively on open access, copyright and digital cultural heritage, and I am the founder and editor of the Medium publication Open GLAM. At Europeana, I have published many interviews and case studies for Europeana Pro, and curated, written and edited online exhibitions for the Europeana website.

Here are three of my most representative articles here, followed by a selection of other writing.

Open Access and Art History in the 21st Century: The Case for Open GLAM, Douglas McCarthy, CC BY 4.0. Commissioned by CODART and published February 2021.

Uncovering the global picture of Open GLAM, Douglas McCarthy, CC BY 4.0

The Great Wave: what Hokusai’s masterpiece tells us about museums, copyright and online collections today, Douglas McCarthy, CC BY 4.0

Articles on Open GLAM

Exhibitions for Europeana

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